Innovative “edgeless” fillers ensure low-stress and safe curing
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Unique worldwide: Edgeless composite fillers with spherical elements!

ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW is a low viscosity, light-cured, radiopaque composite resin. This low stress flowable material can be placed in 4mm increments: ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW incorporates Radical-Amplified Photopolymerisation initiator technology (RAP technology). RAP technology facilitates a shortened light curing time and ample working time.

Additionally the controlled refractive index of the ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW also shows that bulkfill materials can also be aesthetic.


✔ Direct anterior and posterior restorations
✔ Cavity lining
✔ Blocking out cavity undercuts before fabrication indirect restorations
✔ Repair of porcelain/composite

Available colours

✔ U (Universal) / A1 / A2 / A3 / B1

Properties and benefits

✔ Excellent mechanical properties
✔ Outstanding aesthetics
✔ Fast curing

Aesthetic result

The technology of spherical fillers allows TOKUYAMA DENTAL also to control the refractive index. This is used in the ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW. The uncured material is initially translucent so that the polymerisation light penetrates to the bottom of the cavity. During the polymerisation process, the material becomes increasingly opaque and covers so well that no additional capping layer is required. In this way, fast and aesthetic restorations are achieved.

estelite-bulk-fill-flow-class1-4 Change of refractive index during polymerisation with ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW


✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (3.0 g each) + 10 tips
✔ Refill: 20 capsules (0.2g each)


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In comparison with common bulk fill materials ESTELITE BULK FILL FLOW shows superior handling properties. Thanks to the self-leveling effect of the composite and the shortened polymerisation time of just 10 seconds restorations are made quick and easy.

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