Courses / Hands-on

In our recommended courses / hands-on trainings, top speakers teach you how to use modern dental techniques and materials. Through practical exercises and interactive exchange, you will benefit from valuable experience, tips and tricks.

Under the guidance of experts, you will learn to combine existing and new knowledge and immediately apply what you have learned. The education courses are partly organised directly by our instructors or by our international partners. Following courses are available for you to choose from in the near future:

May 2023 - April 2024
A - Z Restorative Course (Billal Arshad / Monder Zbaeda)
Altrincham (England)
15 to 16 April 2024
Totally Composite (Dr Monik Vasant)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
18 to 19 April 2024
Totally Composite (Dr Monik Vasant)
Manchester (England)
22 to 23 April 2024
Totally Composite (Dr Monik Vasant)
Dublin (Ireland)
24 to 25 April 2024
Anterior Maestro Course (Dr Monik Vasant)
Dublin (Ireland)
26 to 27 April 2024
A - Z of Direct Composite Veneers (Billal Arshad)
Wilmslow (England)
22 to 23 August 2024
Totally Composite (Dr Monik Vasant)
Ibiza (Spain)
24 August 2024
Modern methods for bite elevation of severely abraded dentition with direct adhesive technique (Dr med. dent. Thomas Attin / Dr med. dent. Uwe Blunck)
Berlin (Germany)
22 to 23 November 2024
Angles & Ridges - Hands-on Composite Course (Karma. Dentistry)
Oisterwijk (Netherlands)