Dental cement
Innovative cement for all types of adhesive luting

Dental cements for reliable and aesthetic fixation

TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers you high quality dental cements for the cementation of permanent indirect restorations. Our luting cement ESTECEM II PLUS is the solution for reliable, user-friendly and aesthetic results in your dental practice.

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Dental cements as luting material of choice

Dental cements are still the most used material for fixing crowns, bridges or ceramic fillings in the dental surgery. The main criteria for successful use of dental cements are bond strength, simplicity and performance. TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers exactly these requirements with its products for indirect restorations. After using a high quality dental cement from TOKUYAMA DENTAL, the patient is able to load his dentures again after a short time and leave the practice satisfied.

ESTECEM II PLUS – adhesive and dual-curing luting cement

Our dental cement ESTECEM II PLUS is a composite cement for the entire range of indication of indirect cementations. ESTECEM II PLUS can be universally used on all prosthetic surfaces without restrictions, without additional primers or activators - and with the reliable adhesion of a premium dental cement.

Since ESTECEM II PLUS is almost insoluble in water after final light curing, hardly any discolouration can occur at the cement margin. An excellent marginal gap integration is shown, which is still colour stable even after years, thus securing an aesthetic performance of the indirect restoration.

The advantages of TOKUYAMA DENTAL cements:

✔ High bond strengths
✔ Universal applications
✔ Easy handling
✔ User-friendly

We would be pleased to advise you on the clinical application of our dental cements. Contact us now!