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Latest generation dental adhesives and bonding agents

TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers you innovative enamel/dentine adhesives for every challenge. Our high-quality adhesives and bonding agents guarantee simple, fast and safe application - for long-lasting results with optimal bond strength.

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Key technology: The 3D-SR monomer

The extraordinary adhesive strength of TOKUYAMA’s adhesives and bonding agents is based on a technologically unique monomer, which has been modified and optimized in the 2nd and 3rd generation, so that additional reaction chains of different lengths on the molecule form various multiple bonds and produce an extremely tough and tearresistant adhesive layer in a very short time.

Due to low viscosity, the gel-like bubble-free layer of TOKUYAMA adhesives is evenly distributed even in stepped cavities. There are no so-called “dry spots” despite minimal film thickness. Light-curing creates further bonds. A “3-dimensional matrix” is created which forms a robust tear-resistant adhesive layer. Handling is extremely quick and easy, further ensuring excellent results.

“Super dentine”, which is resistant to acid or base attacks, is formed by the reaction of our unique 3D-SR-Monomer and adjacent dentine. Thus tooth are protected against secondary caries.

UNIVERSAL BOND II - fully compatible enamel and dentine adhesive

Our dental adhesives have received various awards in the field of enamel/dentine adhesives - including our TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II adhesive system, which is characterised by its outstanding adhesive power for all applications and materials. As a self-curing two-component adhesive, TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II is suitable for both direct and indirect restorations, compatible with all etching protocols, regardless of whether the adhesive is used in self-etch, total-etch or selective-etch mode.

The benefits of enamel/dentine adhesives and bonding agents from TOKUYAMA DENTAL:

✔ Extremely high bond strength
✔ Perfect quality marginal integrity
✔ No postoperative sensitivity
✔ Short treatment time due to easy handling
✔ Universal field of applications

We would be pleased to advise you on the clinical application of our dental adhesives and bonding agents, from universal enamel/dentine adhesives to one-component bonding agents. Contact us now!