Relining materials Prosthetic relining with maximum comfort and reliability

Relining material & denture resin for dental laboratory and dental practice

TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers you high-quality and versatile relining materials and denture resins - for long-lasting wearing comfort with maximum reliability.

Temporary and permanent soft/hard denture resins

In the dental field, there are suitable denture resins for relining dental prostheses for every area of application. With TOKUYAMA DENTAL's relining materials you always have the right product for every purpose, whether for permanent hard or soft relining for the optimal hold of full or partial dentures or temporary soft relining, especially for use after surgical procedures, such as implant restorations.

SOFRELINER TOUGH – temporary and long-lasting soft relining material

The Shore-A hardness of SOFRELINER TOUGH S is almost the same as acrylic tissue-conditioning, enabling the material to alleviate pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and mucous artrophy and/or tissue conditioning. SOFRELINER TOUGH S has long-lasting softness, enabling long term reling with minimum degradation as well as a short term tissue conditioning.

The high bond strength of the SOFRELINER TOUGH primer ensures a durable adhesion and reduced peeling between relining and denture border. SOFRELINER TOUGH M and SOFRELINER TOUGH S have a high tear resistance when compared to other silicone relining materials. This physical property will reduce the risk of tearing during daily use. The adhesion durability test shows excellent adhesion remaining the interface unseparated.

SOFRELINER TOUGH retains its surface texture permanently. This provides protection against contamination and odours that can occur during daily use. SOFRELINER TOUGH is also highly resistant to discolouration compared to other relining materials.

The benefits of TOKUYAMA DENTAL relining materials and denture resins:

✔ Direct relining
✔ Excellent fitting accuracy
✔ Precise processing
✔ Long durability and reliability

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