Impression materials
Ultra-flowable and wettable A-silicone materials

Silicone impression materials for perfect dental impressions

TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers you innovative impression materials suitable for every challenge, e.g. ultra-flowable and excellently wettable silicone materials. Our high quality dental silicone impression materials are perfectly matched to each other and enable precision impressions of the modern generation, for effective and optimal application results.

ESTESIL H2TOP – Impression material from dental A-silicones

Our ESTESIL H2TOP range covers various pre impression materials and correction materials to meet all impression techniques. Depending on the type of prosthesis to be fabricated, the dentist will prepare the tooth accordingly. The optimum impression technique for the respective application determines the impression material to be selected. No matter which restoration or technique is to be used: ESTESIL H2TOP offers you all possibilities!

By combining it with other TOKUYAMA technologies, a vinylpolysiloxane has been created that has an extremely wettable surface due to the addition of surface-active hydrophilic fillers. The precise reproduction of details, even under extreme conditions such as in a water bath, gives the dentist a TOP result. It is the detail reproduction beyond the visible area that makes the difference.

Silicone impression material with outstanding flow properties and very high tear strength

ESTESIL H2TOP as an impression material has outstanding flow properties, ensuring precise detail reproduction, even beyond the preparation margin. This accuracy is the basis for a precise restoration, because no restoration can be better than the impression that created it. Likewise, the silicone impression material ESTESIL H2TOP has a very high tear resistance, so that even the smallest details are not destroyed when removing the tray.

Every dentist knows about the importance of precision for a good prosthesis. Pre-treatment of the gums and the preparation of the area where the impression is to be taken are only preliminary steps. But only in combination with an adequate impression material can a precise and clean impression be made, so that all details, whether of the tooth or an implant abutment, are transferred to the prosthesis to be fabricated. Excellent marginal flow properties in all areas, excellent wettability and high resilience make ESTESIL H2TOP the ideal addition to the dentist‘s own treatment capabilities.

The benefits of A-silicone impression materials from TOKUYAMA DENTAL:

✔ Detailed impressions
✔ Excellent hydrophilicity
✔ Excellent wetting properties
✔ High tensile strength
✔ Excellent dimensional stability and elastic recovery ability

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