Flow composite for all cavity classes in 3 viscosities
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3 different viscosities for all cases!

ESTELITE UNIVERSAL FLOW offers the user, according to his preference or also application, the optimal viscosity. The flow material is available in 3 different viscosities: High, Medium or SuperLow. All viscosities have one thing in common: Universally applicable and resilient like a pasty composite.


✔ Direct anterior and posterior restorations
✔ Cavity base or liner
✔ Blocking out cavity undercuts before fabricating indirect restorations
✔ Repair of porcelain/composite

Available colours

✔ A1/ A2 / A3 / A3.5 / A4 / A5 / B3  / OPA2 / OPA3 / OPA4 / CE / BW

Properties and benefits

✔ Wide color matching due to increased light diffusion
✔ Quick curing time (10 seconds)
✔ Increases working time
✔ High gloss retention
✔ Lowest wear and abrasion
✔ Minimal polymerization shrinkage
✔ Perfect handling

SEM images of the fillers

estelite-universal-flow-remESTELITE UNIVERSAL FLOW (Tokuyama Dental)

filtek-supreme-ultra-flow-remFiltek Supreme Ultra Flow (3M Espe)


✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (small) (1.7g each) / Viscosity: Medium
✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (3.0g each) / Viscosities: High, Medium, SuperLow
✔ Refill: 20 capsules (0.2g each) / Viscosity: Medium

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