Desensitiser Protective shield for hypersensitive teeth

Effective sealing protection for hypersensitive teeth

TOKUYAMA DENTAL offers you SHIELD FORCE PLUS, a premium desensitiser, for treating hypersensitive dentine, reducing exposed dentine and alleviating or preventing tooth sensitivity after direct and indirect restorations. SHIELD FORCE PLUS guarantees excellent sealing effects and a truly durable protective layer of exposed dentine.

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Sealing the tubules with SHIELD FORCE PLUS

SHIELD FORCE PLUS infiltrates and seals the dentinal tubules, thus preventing pain-inducing hydrostatic pressure in the tubules. In the second step, the the layer formed on the tooth surface gets light-cured, so that a double protection mechanism is established. Now there is a long-term protection for up to 3 years.

Excellent sealing effect and long-lasting protective layer

SHIELD FORCE PLUS relieves tooth hypersensitivity that is induced by cold water or air pressure. SHIELD FORCE PLUS also protects the tooth from accidental bacterial contamination and postoperative sensitivity when used under restorations. The long-lasting protective layer of SHIELD FORCE PLUS effectively and reliably reduces abrasion and erosion of exposed dentine. SR Monomer demonstrates exceptional resistance to toothbrush abrasion even though the protective layer is extremely thin.

The benefits of the desensitiser from TOKUYAMA DENTAL:

✔ Rapid and effective treatment of hypersensitive dentine
✔ Excellent sealing
✔ Long-lasting protective layer
✔ Easy to use

We would be pleased to advise you on the clinical application of our desensitiser SHIELD FORCE PLUS. Contact us now!