Light-cured self-etching single-component adhesive - ultra fast application - superior bond strength - high fluoride release
Article code: 14904

Ultra rapid use and outstanding adhesive strength values!

BOND FORCE II is a light-cured self-etching single-component adhesive. Thanks to its new formulation, it does not require refrigeration and moreover it reduces application time by 15 seconds.

The multiple bonds of the contained 3D-SR-Monomer form an extremely stable adhesive layer, so BOND FORCE II boasts outstanding adhesive strength values, both to enamel as well as to dentine – especially after thermocycle loading – which makes it the mean of choice when it comes to simple, but reliable adhesion.


✔ Bonding in direct restorations to enamel and dentin (cut and uncut)
✔ Damaged ceramics or composites

Properties and benefits

✔ Unique adhesion due to innovative, self-reinforcing 3D monomer
✔ Excellent bond strength
✔ Ultra-rapid, just 25 seconds
✔ No storing in a fridge
✔ Fluoride-releasing
✔ Pleasantly thin, uniform film layer
✔ Optimal distribution in stepped cavities
✔ Perfect marginal integrity

Pen properties

✔ Over 33% saving on material
✔ Fill level indicator
✔ Uniform dosage with a click


✔ Kit Bottle: 1 x 5ml bottle / 25 microbrushes / 1 x mixing dish
✔ Pen Intro-Kit: 1 x 2ml pen / 25 microbrushes / 1 x mixing dish
✔ Unit Dose Kit: 50 x 0,1ml Unit Dose / 50 microbrushes
✔ Refill: Bottle (1 x 5ml bottle)
✔ Refill: Twin Pen (2 x 2ml pen)

Awarded products - multiple certified service

  • * Our Class IIa devices are certified as a medical device in the European Union under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC by SGS CE1639, exclusively for the indication(s) detailed into the corresponding IFUs. Other non-medical uses ascribed to these devices are not within the scope of CE certification, and users should be aware product performance and/or safety has not been evaluated by SGS for those purposes.