TOKUYAMA DENTAL with a new appearance


In the past, the innovative dental division, which attracted attention with products such as OMNICHROMA or UNIVERSAL BOND II, was usually referred to as TOKUYAMA for short without using the full company name TOKUYAMA DENTAL.

The international chemical conglomerate TOKUYAMA CORPORATION, based in Japan, has undergone a restructuring in the course of its Vision 2025 and wants to bundle the individual divisions more strongly in the overall group. The dental division is now part of the healthcare sector "Life Science" and is experiencing a stronger focus through closer ties to the parent company.

This integration into the parent company should not only be reflected internally through a broader use of the new options, e.g. in the R&D area, but also externally. Therefore, TOKUYAMA DENTAL will present itself in a new look from 01.09.2022. The future brand appearance will only be as TOKUYAMA and the logo and corporate design have also undergone a facelift and now appear fresher and more catchy.

So everything is new at TOKUYAMA? No, the quality of the products will of course remain unchanged at a high level and the endeavour to enrich the dental world with innovative materials is also unchanged.