Dental adhesive system designed for selective-etch technique
Article code: 14112

Optimised etching gel and excellent adhesion!

EE-Bond is a special dental adhesive system for selective-etch technique, which is considered the ideal approach to obtain a good seal of margins and appropriate resin tag infiltration into the dentin. These features help to ensure the aesthetics of the margins in the long term and minimize post-operative sensitivity, associating force of adhesion to tooth structure, providing greater integrity to dentin and protecting it from the trauma caused by the etching gel.


✔ Light-curing, self-etching single-component adhesive with high-viscosity etching gel for etching the enamel
✔ Adheres to prepared and unprepared enamel/dentin
✔ Repair material for ceramics and composite

Properties and benefits

✔ Extremely high bond strength
✔ Perfect marginal integrity
✔ Unique adhesion due to innovative, self-reinforcing 3D monomer
✔ Short treatment time due to easy handling
✔ Little technique sensitivity
✔ Fluoride-releasing
✔ Avoidance of post-operative sensitivity
✔ High viscosity etching gel can be applied exactly on the spot


✔ EE-Bond Intro-Kit: 1 bottle (5ml) / 25 applicators / 1 dish / 1 syringe Tokuyama Etching Gel HV (2.5ml) / 10 tips
✔ Refill EE-Bond: 1 x bottle (5ml) / 2 x syringes Etching Gel HV (2.5ml each) / 50 tips
✔ Refill Etching Gel HV Syringe: 2 syringes Tokuyama Etching Gel HV 2.5ml each / 20 tips

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