Once again top awards for TOKUYAMA DENTAL

i Dental Advisor 2023 - Top Product Awards - Tokuyama Dental

At the beginning of 2023, TOKUYAMA DENTAL had reason to celebrate: The renowned magazine "Dental Advisor" once again awarded the OMNICHROMA family with its "Top Product Awards". In addition, other TOKUYAMA materials were also able to convince the independent jury.

The ability of products from the OMNICHROMA family to fundamentally revolutionise the workflow of restorative dentistry is raved about by numerous dentists worldwide in their daily practice. The dental magazine "Dental Advisor" confirmed this fact by naming OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA FLOW as "Top Products 2023" in the category "Single-Shade Composite".

The reviewers were impressed by the excellent colour matching of the material. They also praised the fact that the OMNICHROMA FLOW versions optimally complement the product family. The simplification of the workflow through all OMNICHROMA variants was also seen as a great benefit, as the use of OMNICHROMA would completely reduce the need for additional shades.

In addition to the composites, TOKUYAMA DENTAL was also able to convince the "Dental Advisor" jury in other product categories. As in previous years, the extra-soft relining material SOFRELINER TOUGH S received an award with top rating. Thanks to its permanently soft consistency, the high-quality denture resin enables an extremely comfortable fit of the denture. This means that healing phases after operations can be pain-free in many cases. Another advantage of SOFRELINER TOUGH S is the ability to use the material chairside. The dentist therefore does not have to send the denture to the laboratory and the patient can be relieved of unnecessary waiting time.

Last but not least TOKUYAMA DENTAL received further awards: the self-etching one-component adhesive BOND FORCE II and the desensitiser SHIELD FORCE PLUS were once again able to establish themselves as "Preferred Products" with good ratings. The jury also praised the exceptional features of each of these products.

TOKUYAMA DENTAL thanks the "Dental Advisor" for the current awards. As a driver of innovative product ideas, the Japanese manufacturer feels confirmed and motivated in its future-oriented work in research and development.